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Dr. J. Maheshwari is trained at AIIMS as well as internationally. He is amongst the best orthopaedic surgeons in New Delhi, India and a specialist at knee and shoulder surgeries. Formerly, an additional professor at AIIMS, he is currently the director of Knee and Shoulder Clinic that was formally inaugurated by Shri Kapil Dev in 2002.


He is a pioneer in starting and promoting modern surgical techniques of knee and shoulder surgery. He belongs to the elite club of orthopaedic surgeons who use computer navigation in joint replacement surgeries on a regular basis. His endeavor is to provide modern surgical services at competitive rates.

'Dr. J. Maheshwari Orthopaedic Foundation' is an initiative to promote
healthcare in the field of knee and shoulder surgery.

Inaugurated by Kapil Dev in 2002

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Case of the month

This 20 year old developed a severe deformity of the leg over a period of time due to old injury. She was finding it very difficult to walk. X-ray showed that her leg was out of alignment by 25 degrees (Fig-1).
She was taken for surgery. Corrective osteotomy above the knee using computer navigation was carried out. X-ray after surgery showed that the leg is well aligned (Fig-2). This was one of the worst such deformity we corrected till date.